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Bake it in

vvast seeks to bake sustainability into its business strategy, right from strategic inception all the way through to delivery and beyond.

Any of the portfolios start-ups only work with third parties that share the same sustainability values. 

Where possible energy is purchased from 100% renewable sources via Good Energy. A 100% electric transportation plan is under development.

Key areas where this sustainable approach currently extends is through our working relationship with Surfers Against Sewage and working with retailers that have a clear corporate social responsibility policy this extends to:

Reducing Environmental Impact
Working with retailers that strive to reduce the environmental impact of their workspace and warehouse in the UK with comprehensive recycling programmes and intelligent design. Who actively seek out factories overseas with licensed and audited programmes in place to ensure waste and energy usage are managed responsibly. That spend substantial time and effort and are invested to stay at the forefront of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) directives.

Recycle more, design well, use less
That promote recycling across all of their sites. That use centralised waste bins that help them to separate plastics, paper, card and general waste. That have licenced and registered contractors who remove all of their packaging, lamps, lights, electronic equipment and wood. Who send certificates to verify they have disposed of these, or recycled them appropriately. 

Managing waste with their factories
No one likes waste and it’s impossible for our retailers to completely eliminate it. They do strive to reduce their waste as much as we can and we make sure the waste we do produce is managed responsibly. 

They only work with factories that hold the appropriate licences and records for monitoring and managing waste, material discharge and waste treatment. They carry out third party audits and request from their factories that:
•    Waste water/exhaust are purified before they are released into the environment. Factories have the relevant permit for waste discharge. Factories maintain programmes targeting reduction of raw materials and energy use.
•    They also invest substantial time and effort to fully understand their responsibilities and obligations under the REACH legislation. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a European Regulation. It aims to ensure a high level of safety for human health and the environment. 

Nasty Chemicals
They are always looking at ways to reduce the environmental impact of their design, development and production, striving to meet and even exceed regulatory and industry standards. All of their products for example, are PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) free. We actively source from reliable and reputable suppliers. Their published materials are printed on paper from sustainable sources and recycled materials are considered wherever practicable.

They are PFOA (nasty chemical) free
PFOA (Perfluorinated compound-flurochemical is a particularly nasty chemical used a lot in the outdoors industry to create water repellent finishes. Studies have shown that it doesn’t break down over time and there have been claims that it is carcinogenic. You can be confident when you buy a new Regatta product that it will be PFOA free.