Disruption delivered.





More has changed in the way we do business and build brands in the last 20 years than any time in modern business and marketing history. 

vvast is a disruptive Brand, Digital and eCommerce consultancy & brand incubator.

Headed by Richie Jones, it exists to support brands with a strategic approach designed to profitably navigate the disruptive digital changes that have turned most business sectors on their heads. 

Regardless of the stage of digital transformation or disruption (or both) a brand is at, vvast is able to add value through auditing an existing brand alignment, team and technical infrastructure and make profit enhancing recommendations. 

Some recommendations will be immediate changes that have immediate impacts such as efficiencies in media spend or truly understanding the effectivness of your entire market budget. Other recommendations are more mid to long term such as brand alignment assessment against your target audience and subsequent Brand Alignment Monitoring or choice of enterprise platform or Single Customer View (SCV) database approach. 

The level of support is entirely up to you, vvast has the relevant experience to take start-ups and mid to large businesses into the realms of fully embracing the disruption revolution.  

Find out more about our sector specific experience but, don’t wait too long as disruption isn’t waiting for anyone.

vvast, disruption delivered.